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// oliviasavidge

// oliviasavidge

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this is alex when john got w laf in like literally every au tbh? its so accurate all u gotta do is change her to him bc johns gay af lmao

Athelstan Spilhaus, in 1965 ed of comic strip Our New Age,imagined that by 2016, we’d be able to improve our intelligence with magic smart pills and by hooking our brains directly to computers. Of course, the next prediction in that strip is that by 2056, our holiday dinners cooked by robots could be served to us by friendly, intelligent animals trained to be household helpers – including kangaroos.

By man´s intelligence and intellect will be able to be increased by drugs and by linking human brains directly to computers!

A buen entendedor ...!

I& usually spend a few hours wandering the streets each night; like the heart of all great cities, Central Melbourne is a riot of grandeur and squalor, vice and virtue, hope and despair. This ima.



tentacles and some other beautiful things

I don't know what this means but I like it

Not only electromagnetic pulses, but chemical weaponry as well. Semen is poison.