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Vessel by Caterina Massa

Vessel by Caterina Massa

Dry Shino Lidded Vessel with Blades 2 by John Stroomer

John Stroomer - Dry Shino Lidded Vessel with Blades 2 is available for sale at Castlegate House Gallery.

Cocoon Vessel by Cara Gay Driscoll

Saskatchewan artist Cara Gay Driscoll is excited and challenged by the process of creating pottery pieces by hand-coiling, a traditional vessel-making technique.

Vessel by John Beckelman

​“Space that has been seized upon by the imagination cannot remain indifferent space…” My ceramics are comprised of two very different, yet related, bodies of work.

Lidded Vessel by Shu Chen Cheng

Lidded Vessel by Shu Chen Cheng


Creative wood fired, hand-formed (kurinuki technique) ceramics, functional and sculptural, by American artist Lucien M. Koonce/Horsepen Kiln Studio, of western Massachusetts.

Vessels by Becky Webster

Vessels by Becky Webster

Coastal Vessel by Rene Viner

Rene Viner - Member of Anglian Potters