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ZOE ROBERTSON-UK, - Flocking Marvellous Neckpiece - cast resin, rubber, flock fiber, high density foam, sublimated ink, electroformed, silver plated

Zoe Robertson Rubber, Flock Fibre, High Density Foam, Sublimated Ink, Electroformed and Silver Plated

Kate Bajic Brooch: Windfall, 2015 Silver, porcelain, paint 9 x 7.5 x 2cm © By the author. Read Klimt02.net Copyright.

Kate Bajic Brooch: Windfall, 2015 Silver, porcelain, paint 9 x x © By…

Yumsiri Vantanapindu-THAI/FRANCE ". I wanted to introduce the following problem: how can we transform the traditional aesthetics and function of the intergenerational secular or religious jewel in order to bring it into a more contemporary world?" http://yiumsirivantanapindu.carbonmade.com/projects/3063816#1

school ESADS Strasbourg (Ecole supérieure des Arts décoratifs de Strasbourg (ESADS)) contact: Sophie Hanagarth and Florence Lehmann (don't know from who is this splendid necklace !

pinterest: wealldream

my mom, who was an exceptionally artistic woman, had a brooch very similar to this one

Nora Fok--Kandinsky Circles

"Kandinsky circles" from Cloud Nylon by Nora Fok, 2007 - neck piece: knitted knotted dyed nylon.


Julia Elizabeth Louise Morris–Nests 2012 – Resin Paper Wasp Nests “Nests” are cast resin brooches made from molds of found paper wasp nests. Cubic zirconia stones are suspended in the cells of the nests, and a sterling silver and spring steel

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Linda Kindler Priest: Young Lily-Trotter, Locket and brooch. Silver, gold, cognac diamonds and ruby.