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Black and grey dragonflys

Feminine Genius lives in the 'other world' of creative energy, divine intelligence, mystery.

Dewey dragonfly

Dewey Dragonfly by Earl Duckett

Dragonfly+on+the+Flower.jpg (500×689)

A yellow flower with a beautiful blue dragon fly.

Blue Dragonfly:

Blue Dragonfly:

Dragonfly in Blue

Sitting on delicate orchids!

I love dragonflies and damselflies. You can tell the difference when they rest on a plant. The dragonfly will keep his wings open, while the damsel fly closes hers against her back. I also think the damsel fly looks more delicate! Azure Damselfly

Respecting VIII Dragonfly ~ Master Teacher of Fire-Energy

For the love of dragonflies II by ~buleria on deviantART

For the love of dragonflies II by ~buleria on deviantART, areal beauty

Beautiful photo. Dragonfly on the Beginning of a Summer Day - Photo by Gilad Mass

Dragonfly landed via crescentmoon


Love my dragonfly necklace❤️

Beautiful Encounter by 玮 彭  on 500px

Beautiful Encounter by Sep 14 my Summer totem***

Image result for dragonfly

Image result for dragonfly


Dragonfly and Daffodils Watercolor Painting

Items similar to Dragonfly and Daffodils Watercolor Painting on Etsy


Calico Pennant (Celithemis elisa) dragonfly w pink moon

sapphire1707: “Dragonflies | by ugur666 ”

sapphire1707: “Dragonflies | by ugur666 ”