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Too soft..,,to pure for this world

Is (present-tense, yay!) the vocalist for Fall Out Boy. He's released a number of albums with the band, and during their brief hiatus released a solo album called Soul Punk.

I got: Fall Out Boy! Which Band Should You Go On A Road Trip With?

Which Band Should You Go On A Road Trip With?

gif pete wentz fall out boy Patrick Stump joe trohman andy hurley fob* i typed andry at first fkcm


More like hair, tattoos, eyeliner, short guy with hats

>> solution Patrick could wake up in a Petekey FanFiction!!!  Problem solved

I've seen a few fanfics about FOB in my life, and let's just say, i don't blame them for cringing<<<Oh. remind me to never read FOB fanfics.

Patrick is my crush

Hahaha you can't not love Patrick Stump. he's too cute <<< it's not helping if your crush is your ex crush your trying to get over and he looks like Patrick Stump!

"I WANT FALL OUT BOY DRESSED UP LIKE P!ATD :D" by mcrdeathnotelover ❤ liked on Polyvore

I can't tell if this means FOB, Panic!, or FOB dressed up as Panic! I want aLL

ill be commit suicide if you go says...

I can relate to you on a very personal level Pete Cuz lets be honest pizza really IS the meaning of life FALL OUT BOYYYYYY