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Roman Soldier, sword still strapped by his side, killed instantly by the surge cloud of Vesuvius Eruption

Incredibile scoperta! Le teste dell'Isola di Pasqua hanno tutte un corpo! [GALLERY] Ricordate le celebri teste dell'Isola di Pasqua? Ebbene, una spedizione di un gruppo di ricercatori dell'Università della California, incaricata di effettuare studi per la datazione delle statue, ha effettuato alcuni scavi per studiare la base delle statue, solo che hanno dovuto scavare parecchio, le statue infatti possiadono tutte un corpo, con tanto di mani e piedi. Sono in corso ora approfondite indag…

Okay, I’m sure some people out there knew the Easter Island statues had bodies, but I’m not going to pretend to be one of those people. My mind is kind of blown that I’m almost 40 and just now finding out that there are Easter Island statue bodies.

Pregnant woman and child's remains

Skeleton of a woman and foetus/baby who both died during the mother's pregnancy

Skeleton of mother and baby, who both died during birth. My mother's mother died giving birth to her 8 th child so I guess her skeleton must look like this because the baby died inside of her. How very sad for my Mom to grow up without a mother.

Here we just may have proof that Mermaids are real. Here we just may have videos and photos of real live mermaids, mermaid skeletons and a mummified mermaid. But is this evidence proof enough?

Do Mermaids Exist? We Will Try To Answer This Question.

Is it a real mermaid skeleton in the photo? No one really knows. But it sure does look like a real mermaid skeleton. Maybe its real or maybe its not. I don’t think anyone really knows for sure. But to me it really does look like a real mermaid.

Similiar Giant Human Remains Unearthed Keywords

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Riportato alla luce lo scheletro di un #vampiro, Ecco dove (FOTO)

A "vampire grave" containing a skeleton with a stake driven through its chest has been unearthed in the ancient Thracian city of Perperikon, located in southern Bulgaria, close to the border with Greece.

volledige kunstgeschiedenis met voorbeelden

This is a forwarded email with photos of what appears to be the bones of giants being examined by archeologists. The email says that these are the ancient bones of the giants that were mentioned in the Old Testament.

'Vampire Cimitero' trovato in Polonia - 17 scheletri sepolti con i loro crani mozzati posti tra le ginocchia e le mani sono stati scoperti in Polonia. La pratica di sepoltura è come i vampiri venivano sepolti secondo gli archeologi. I corpi risalgono ai secoli 15 e 16, quando la paura dei vampiri era diffusa in Europa orientale.

'Vampire Cemetery' Found in Poland

A chilling find has been made in Poland: at least 17 skeletons buried with the skulls severed and placed between the knees or hands. That, say archaeologists, is how vampires used to be interred, to stop them rising from the dead.