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A Man Found A Dead Fox Lying In The Street. When He Returned Later, He Was In Disbelief.:

the fact that the guy stayed with him, and was going to move the body shows such a kind heart.and the fact that this little guy was alive and noone else ran him over and the guy was taking him to the vet makes my heart smile :) this makes me cry!

Worst Wingman ever

10 Gifs Of Cat Fails That Are Too Hilarious Not To Share Source by nadiadaniels

Cats: | The Difference Between Dogs And Cats<<this will never not be funny.


Cat has more fun with a box than than a kid.and its so comfy! Wait till you see this absolutely hilarious cat!

gat guardador de roba bruta jajaja

Si crees que sabes poner la lavadora te equivocas: 6 errores típicos

Funny animal GIF image of a cat jumping from the laundry basket to collect clothing as you throw it in.

I want a cat rn  someone give me a cat!!!!

The cat chief with his enemy's fur and the cat potato are the funniest haha -Brandi