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20,679 : Circus of Splendor & Grandeur

Lucky Strike 20679 Physicians Say 1930 Y Girl - Vintage Ads with Sex Appeal. Over 2000 vintage designs which could be said to have sex appeal. The blurred line between sex appeal and sexism.

This is an original 1930 color print ad for Camel Turkish and Domestic Blend Cigarettes of the R. Reynolds Tobacco Company in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. CONDITION This year old Item is rate

... how to detect it! by x-ray delta one, via Flickr

The best way to prevent "smokers' fur" is to quit smoking. Smoking can result in stained teeth, gum disease, tooth loss and oral cancer.

New Ironized Yeast Tablets 1938.  No longer need thousands of girls remain skinny and unattractive.  :)

"no longer must thousands of girls remain skinny and unattractive." crazy demands woman have been facing for centuries.

Father Christmas smokes Lucky Strikes, giving the gift of pleasure to himself.

Lots of Vintage Santa Claus Cigarette Ads, but this is my favorite.Santa's already looking older and more wrinkly from all those centuries of smoking Lucky Strikes!

Maureen O'Hara Cigarette Ad

Maureen O’Hara Photo Vintage Camel Cigarettes Unfortunately, my dad smoked these as well-he was hooked as a WWII serviceman. He was a cancer surgeon and knew the risk involved , but could not kick the habit.

c86:The Great Winston Put On, 1972via MewDeep

Winston, "The Great Winston Put-On", "Livin' it up in your own Winston Fancy Pants"

The Art of Bob Peak - Voices of East Anglia

Winston ad by Bob Peak. Remember the song" Winston tastes good like a (clap clap) cigarette should.

1930 Ad Lux Toliet Soap Jean Arthur Mary Brian Clara Bow Costume Actress SBM1

1930 Ad Lux Toliet Soap Jean Arthur Mary Brian Clara Bow Costume Actress SBM1

“What makes a girl alluring?” — Lux Toilet Soap advertisement featuring: Clara Bow, Jean Arthur, Nancy Carroll, and Mary Brian (circa