Prob why I very much dislike people who constantly must have attention lol

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we don't like attention on us. And we can't stand show-offs or folk who like to brag too much. Virgos don't need to brag.

Don't do it Virgo !

EXACTLY ME! This is why I have lost a lot of the OCD cleaning and organizing Virgo traits because I don't have time to get it perfect!

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VIRGOS - takes a lot for me to trust enough to let you in emotionally, but once I do I hold you to highest regards. if you break that trust, it's very rare to get that back. Then we will only ever exchange polite pleasantries.

drunk virgo.

I am Virgo the vixen lol____ Maybe I need to try this. Then again, I start to giggle after one drink. Yeah, it's a fruity one but it still has alcohol in it.