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* Hi everybun. I'm Puipui. I'm handsome, I'm dapper,……and I'm a rabbit!! :D From crown to tuxedo, I take dressing up in costumes that my mum @mumitan creates for me. Btw I'm looking for a girlfriend!! xD See you soon! * やぁみんな!ぼくぷいぷいだぉ。 ぼくってイケメンでオシャレで、しかもうさぎなんだぉ 王冠からタキシードまで、ママがつくる服でキメキメのぼくは、かわいい彼女募集中だぉ みんなよろしくだぉ。 * あっ!? ぷいが勝手に!しかもナルシーキャラ!どうもすみません *

* Hi everybun. I'm Puipui. I'm handsome, I'm dapper,……and I'm a rabbit! :D From crown to tuxedo, I take dressing up in costumes that my mum creates for me. Btw I'm looking for a girlfriend! xD See you soon!

Little baby bunny!

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When my brother and I were young (prior to 5th grade for me. . ), Mr. Thick was mowing the church yard, and accidentally killed a mama rabbit.  He rescued two kits and we brought them home -- named them Casper and Wendy.  We kept them for a while, but eventually had to let them go.  A sad day, but a sweet memory. . . .

The Ryukyu Rabbit's Latin name is Pentalagus Furnessi and is part of the Leporidae family. It's also known as the Amami Rabbit. The Ryukyu rabbit is related to the snowshoe hare, mountain cotton tail and all other species of rabbit and hare.

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@SophieL02 this is like the cutest bunny I've ever seen!!

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Please take good care of your rabbit. Give them the love, care and attention they need. Find a good vet who has lots of experience in treating rabbits!


just precious. The face.awww pinned by How I See It <via Tracy Chou>