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The brown 'pancakes' are the fruiting bodies of the fungal portion of this lichen growing on an apple tree in my backyard. The lichen is probably.

Lichen. I read that bright orange lichen is a sign of a healthy forest!

I read that bright orange lichen is a sign of a healthy forest!

Lichen detail - Susannah Blaxill

Susannah Blaxill botanical art, internationally recognised as a leading artist specialising in watercolour, pencil and charcoal drawings. Susannah Blaxill offers limited edition prints, commissioned work and workshops.

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A lichen - Physcia aipolia by Lairich Rig, via Geograph

Lichens are multi-species communities that can reproduce themselves. A lichen is composed of members of not one but three kingdoms: the fungi, protists (algae), and bacteria (cyanobacteria), living symbiotically.

macro photograph of yellow lichen (litchen) on a twig

Cladonia species in Ireland

Photographs and details of Cladonia lichens found in Ireland and Britain, Irish Cladonia species

Holy crap! The most beautiful Petri dishes I've ever seen... where Science and Art collide.

Klari Reis has an ongoing project called The Daily Dish Every day she posts pictures of her stunning hand-painted petri dishes which resemble live bacteria samples.

Xanthoria parentia on Behance

Xanthoria parentia on Behance