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Maison Christian Dior, Haute couture F/W Madeira / Zeppelin. Marie-Antoinette Meets Vivienne Westwood: The Century Back in Fashion at Versailles

Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette, with her friends/ladies in waiting (2006)

Listen as three historical costumers podcast their love for the Marie Antoinette movie costumes with a touch of new-wave Sophia Coppola got it right.

Vestido a la francesa. 1770

Exhibits|Luxury in Fashion RECONSIDERED Dress Robe a la francaise (textile Collection of the Kyoto Costume Institute photo by Taisha Hirokawa

Marie Antoinette.

Marie Antoinette - Kirsten Dunst as the Queen of France wearing a pink taffeta dress with ruffles and tulle embellishments and sporting cotton candy pink hair. The costumes were designed by Milena Canonero.

1783 Marie Antoinette holding a rose by Élisabeth-Louise Vigée-Lebrun (Versailles)  This 1783 Vigée-Le Brun work may be the most well-known portrait of Marie-Antoinette. It was quickly painted in an attempt to calm the controversy caused by the "muslin portrait." Vigée-Lebrun painted many copies. Elements of the "muslin portrait" are retained - she wears a hat and holds a rose while wearing a bertha with two flounces and a skirt with two flounces.

Marie Antoinette holding a rose, 1783 by Elisabeth- Louise Vigee-Lebrun (Versailles). Similar to an earlier, controversial portrait of the Queen in a muslin gown, this portrait was created to make the Queen look more royal.

18th Century Marie Antoinette Corset or Stays by PeriodCorsets

18th Century Stays Marie Antoinette Corset with front and back lacing Historic Period Costume straps brocade

Century Stays Marie Antoinette Corset with front and back lacing Historic Period Costume straps brocade

MET Museum 18th Century Robe IN Pink With Floral Silk French 1750 1799 | eBay

MET Museum 18th Century Robe in Pink with Floral Silk French 1750-1799


John Galliano for Christian Dior Spring Summer 2004 Haute Couture. Notice the long fake Beard, very Egyptian.

MA Kostüm

Marie Antoinette dress ~ meanwhile, masses of starving peasants were being taxed to death in order to fund her outlandish parties & massive wardrobe!

Photos: Marie Antoinette – Vogue

Kirsten Dunst, Annie Leibovitz, Vogue, September 2006 for the movie Marie Antoinette. I LOVE that movie! This hair is AMAZING!