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Vintage Mars candy in honor of the M & M's World Store opening in Hackettstown.

Vintage Mars candy in honor of the M & M's World Store opening in Hackettstown. Remember getting large full size candy bars for Halloween?

Life Magazine - Women's Liberation     Do you remember the day we decided we were tired of skirts, and showed up at school en masse wearing blue jeans?

September 1970 issue of Life Magazine featuring cover story on women's liberation


What's Secondhand Smoke? This 1951 Marlboro ad both pours on the kitsch with a cute baby, and lays on the parental guilt ("Just one question, Mom: Can you afford not to smoke? CREDIT: Stanford School of Medicine

Tiger in your Tank

Tiger in your Tank. The gas station gave you a stuffed tiger tail that tied to your gas tank cap.looked like you had a tiger IN your tank!

Poncho's!  Do you remember wearing these in the 7O's?

1968 Columbia Minerva knitting patterns 2516 Winter parkas and ponchos include: Perky parka with hoodie, danish poncho, cape poncho, greek key poncho,

Do you remember camping with this? There was storage in the top that held plastic cups.  What a great idea...too bad they don't make them like that anymore.

The Coleman jug was at every picnic and camping trip I remember.

Do you remember this Lip Gloss? Had a ton of it, it was greasy and gritty, but we all wore it! lol!

21 Things I Miss About From My Adolescence in the 70's

do you like butter?... LOL!I remember doing this!!

Do you like butter? Si ton menton devient jaune, c'est que tu aimes le beurre.