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kpop memes - kpop memes #2

Yeah this is me for the most part. The most annoying thing is when a group *does* come to Japan, they always go to like Tokyo or Osaka which are super far south from where I live. When FOB comes in April, we’ll have to take a plane to go, most likely

They can think I'm weird all they want because I'm not changing to please them.

I do have some kpop friends at school now ~~

We should be aloud to listen to music in pe

haha hasn't happened yet!

In science class, I asked my teacher if your blood is darker if you have indigestion. (Secret Garden) She said no.

MinHo and Taemin looked really good in SHINee's mini drama where all of them became girls

TingTing(_Jonghyunnie_) : Kpop Fans Can Relate Photos

Choose friends who share the same interests and morals as you and be nice! You have to make a good impression because you feel the need to have to fit into a certain circle of friends. (psychosocial) 9

I need more kpop friends T^T I need someone to fangirl with goshdangit!

OMG YES XD OMG NO. I still fail at recognizing who is who -_-

I still fail at recognizing who is who -_->>>> haha same, still learning who is who xD

This really is true. K-Pop idols are not air-heads or spoiled brats.  They work their butts off to get where they are.  I wish people would remember that before they comment on a genre about which they know nothing

one of the many thing that i love about kpop is how hard the artists work. yet, people dismiss kpop as being a weird group of untalented asians trying to copy other singers.

#kpop yup yup!!!   I probably pinned this already but it's tooo true, to pass up again... lol

This is so me, but some of these are normal. Like calling my parents "umma" and "appa" because I'm Korean. I also didn't know laughing and clapping at the same time was a Korean thing.

I said it accidentally and then people on the other side stay silent for some reason xd

Whenever someone answers the phone in a kdrama I always automatically go "yeoboseyo" with them lol

In every group tho: Exo, BTS, you name it *looks over at Monsta X* yeah, you too

Definitely :') Kpop fans can relate

But I've hardly seen minho cry except for dramas. It's very rare :') Kpop fans can relate

10 Signs You’re A K-Drama Addict *6) You’re Often Sleep Deprived - they use this GIF for everything and I love it

10 Signs You’re A K-Drama Addict

10 Signs You’re A K-Drama Addict.This happens when i watch those hour long dramas.