Exo Facts

Kyungsoo pensively smiled as Xiumin explained that Chanyeol asked him to come with him for the special Dj thing. He already told Chanyeol that he wanted to do it with him but, the latter said t

K-pop: Where even the artists let you believe you get a chance.  Hahahaa

I just remembered when Xiumin said that we should get a boyfriend because they cant always protect us 😭

Exo Facts: me i'm dull minded (blonde)

O is always like a cute puppy which is lost & blank all the time. I need to protect him.

Exo Facts.

EXO FACT ♡ - 36 I personally think its because he roomed with him for a while. Tao's Korean is kinda scary.

when suho does aegyo xD #exo  ....... It's sad that my bias is attacking the one being cute, not the cute one being attacked...... XD

This is what happens when Suho does aegyo XD Poor eomma XD ♥


And then his good mood is ruined when he slips falls and hurts himself seriously you don't dance in the shower

Exo Facts. Sleep teleporting and sleep fire conjuring not good! Not good at all! TeeHee:)

I don't care for that fact. (Actually I do) See Chanyeol creepin there. All just like: 'Hey Kai, I can see you.