Snow Angel ... the wonder of Christmas.

How To Make a Perfect Snow Angel

Snow Angel--we used to love making snow angels when we were little. Now she's my snow angel.

omg thats so cute :O

~~*Oh Miss Madi!*~~


Nature made a snow-bear! Polar bear sculpture created by snow accumulated on a branch. Via FB

"When heading out with your camera into a largely white landscape, remember the tip "push the whites to the right" when viewing your histogram (just don't go off the graph). The camera will be fooled into thinking an underexposed image is a proper exposure. Compensating for this is necessary to avoid an image that is grey and dark."

Hiver - neige -m Carla Dyck Photography: Photographing a Winter Wonderland

Yuletide carols ❤ … and folks dressed up like Eskimos

Yuletide carols ❤ … and folks dressed up like Eskimos

Winter Cherub love cherubs so cherub please make the snow go away

Bℓuҽ ᏣɦɽᎥʂʈɱαʂ ᏇᎥʈɦσųʈ yσų

Winter Lane ~ There is something very special about leaving footprints behind in freshly fallen snow. Photographed in Owen Sound, Ontario Winter Lane by Linda Baker

beauty is found everywhere in nature. God   reveals himself to us in this way!

Beauty is found everywhere in nature. God reveals himself to us in this way. I'm currently obsessed with photographic snow flakes, they are so beautiful!

The lace of an old spiderweb lingering on a heart set in a rusty ole gate all brought to beauty by a crisp, new snow.

Snow Catepillar

Snowball Caterpillar

Funny Snowman | funny-snowman-snowman-pictures

Want to turn a boring snow day into snow-much-fun? Build a snowman! Learn how to build a basic snowman, then pack it with personality with our fun ideas.

Winter trees

My favorite thing is walking out in nature and seeing the sun hit the snow. Suddenly you are surrounded by jewels more dizzying than any diamond ring. Can't wait to be in the snow

Winter pleasures ✿⊱╮

We're going to change it up a little tonight and go with a theme. In the spirit of the season, Thursday's color will be a WINTER red and white.

Christmas horses so pretty

Enjoy the Lungau holiday region in winter on a horse-drawn sleigh ride. This is where I learned to ski in Austria, can't wait to do this in Jackson!