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Caproni ca60 Transaero

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Caproni Ca 60 'Capronissimo' The Caproni Ca 60 was an absurd aircraft which featured three sets of triplane wings set above a giant fuselage.

Focke-Wulf Fw 190 ~ BFD

The "Teufelskette" or better known as the "Nowotny Schwarm" was the name of the most famous Luftwaffe team of the Eastern Front which included four pilots/friends, the famous Walter Nowotny and his.

supermarine s5 - napier lion w12 engine

Flying Boats & Sea Planes

Flying Boats and Sea Planes have always amazed me and from days not so long ago these giants of the air where the only way to travel over long distance for civilians.

Contemporary Painting - "Caproni Ca.3" (Original Art from Hubert Cance)

Contemporary Painting - "Caproni (Original Art from Hubert Cance)