Unhappy Hooligan - "He'd played the clown under the Big Top. But was it suicide or MURDER?

weird tales

Weird Tales (October “Bat Woman” cover by Margaret Brundage. The Vampire Master by Hugh Davidson

... brink of infinity

Startling Stories, Mar 1951 The flowing hair, the perfect makeup. Earle Bergey sure knew how to render glamorous pulp action. But, for a pulp cover, she's quite the liberated woman: She's not in bondage nor a damsel in distress.

Our Place in Space (1959) Adventures in Science from GE | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

The space race in 1957 served as another competition of the Cold War. This included the Mercury Program when man orbited earth, Gemini the first spaceflight, and Apollo, the first spacecraft to the moon.

Published by Pulp! The Classics in 2013.

Booktopia - The Great Gatsby, Pulp Classics Edition by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Buy this book online.

Cover art by Robert Maguire

To Keep or Kill written by Wilson Tucker, Lion Library, Cover art by Bob Maguire.