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" Mia whispered, hesitantly waiting by the gap. George remained silent as he climbed out, not even pulling his gun as he studied the vast trees and rubble for signs of life.

This photo has so many meanings

// The cuts and scars remind me that I fell. A bird whose wings were clipped at a tender young age, and never fully recovered those feathers.

What do you see when you look in the shattered pieces

a mirror once cracked when her eyes met her reflection's. she dropped the mirror, but the glass did not break any further.

Fear & Fertility: part 2 My story

Fear & Fertility: part 2 My Story

{Open} Haruakira sat at the picnic table, grinning like a chessy cat as he read another demigod's tarot cards. Because daddy was the Voodoo god, that automatically meant that he was an all around gypsy, and that the tarot cards were real. Of course, Haru could make them real on certain occasions, but today was not one of them. With a flick of his wrist, the lovers tarot flies between his index and middle finger. Holding it up for his 'friend' to see, the demigod purrs, "See for yourself, mon…

bigbvwolfe: “ The Bone Season “We look like everyone else.