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(Mostly) Natural & Handmade Beauty Tricks: Hibiscus in Henna for your Hair

Danielle's hair after coloring with Light Mountain Naturals Henna

Henna is a great way to nourish hair and dye safely! *Fair warning*- Color can be unpredictable! It naturally bonds with your hair so every color is unique!

Isı Kullanmadan Dalgalı Saçlar Yapmanın 5 Yolu/ 5 Ways to Curl Your Hair Without Heat

If it's cold and rainy where you are (just like it is here in Australia today!) why not order your Miss Teatox and snuggle up in some warm clothing enjoying a cuppa tea!

How to blow dry your hair like a hair stylist

How to Blow Dry Your Hair Like a Hair Stylist

Hennahairdye #henna #hair #wlosow #haar

Hennahairdye #henna #hair #wlosow #haar