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Francoise Hardy was important to the French fashion scene because she defied the sex bomb look portrayed by Brigitte Bardot during the time. She took risks by wearing designers such as André Courrèges and Paco Rabanne, opting for a strikingly androgynous look.

An Ode to Françoise Hardy's Style

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70s street gang

There's many different type of gangs. Mexican gangs, black gangs, and white games. They all dress differently according to their race.

Françoise Hardy et Jacques Dutronc

30 Iconic Couples

From Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, Johnny Depp and Kate Moss to Carolyn Bessete and John Fitzgerald Kennedy, we look back at the legendary chemistry between these iconic couples.

Brigitte Bardot" Styleicon ....

Brigitte Bardot is the only woman outside of the women in my family who can wear the hell out a hat. These two photos are just so HER. I don't know how else to explain it. I wish more women wore hats. Hats attract and captivate. She rocked her sky!

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With some fabulous white sunglasses and a fantastic updo Brigitte Bardo gives us inspiration to look fab all the time

Francoise Hardy

Françoise Hardy

Oh mon dieu, it’s Françoise Hardy’s birthday! We celebrate the French singer/actress’ effortlessly on-point style by looking back at some of her most iconic ensembles to date.

Francoise Hardy

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PJ Harvey. From dressing in skimpy clothes and heavy makeup to wearing mens suits and then on to Miss Havisham style wedding gowns with birds on her head, PJ Harvey always carries herself in a most wonderful manner and all her different looks show how she can be sexy in many different ways.

From dressing in skimpy clothes and heavy makeup to wearing mens…