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Dimitra Milan

These paintings are the work of Dimitra Milan, who started painting just 4 years ago. Daughter to two artists, Milan was exposed to art from a young

Dimitra Milan, art, painting

Interview: 16-Year-Old Artist Dimitra Milan Paints Her Wildest Dreams

Eduardo Dimitra Milan, Paint - watercolour I like how much detail these artworks hold. At first glance they look like realistic portraits, but every time you look again you find something new

a-garota-de-capa-vermelha: “Colors of life ”

By His Stripes - Original by: Dimitra Milan. ❣Julianne McPeters❣ no pin limits

☆Sweet Truth by Dimitra Milan “She waits in anticipation for the appointed time when love blooms. Until then, she savors the fragrance of a memories' whisper.