Máscara de calavera - fundido frío bronce de bronce y resina

This Skull mask is cast with real bronze powder in the resin to achieve a true metallic luster. it is top coated with krylon matte finish to

Great Horned Owl Leather Mask in shades of white grey by teonova

Owl Mask - allows wearer to see clearly at night and to speak to animals (owls)

Best Cthulhu Cultist Mask Ever.

Come as a Kraken to my party! Cthulhu leather mask, hand-painted in metallic black and silver.

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Gargoyle Lower Half Mask by OsborneArts on deviantART But bigger. Like those deep sea angler fish

Faust's Mephistopheles by TheArtOfTheMask on Etsy

trembling-colors: Faust’s Mephistopheles TheArtOfTheMask