Pride of Minas Gerais by JP-Talma on deviantART

Fractal thingy 587 In the Brazillian state of Minas Gerais is a deposit of rock that contains the mineral brazilianite. Pride of Minas Gerais

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Picture 7 of my sci-fi fractal series: meeting the Commander. Commander: "We have a serious problem here, that& why I asked you to come.

wolfepaw art - Buscar con Google

This is a UF fractal that's a tweak of some parameters that were sent to me by (Rike) in a little mini-pong. I have sent her the params of this one and . Springing Forth

Coconut Palms and Sunlight

Fractal thingy 432 Why? The colour scheme reminds me of coconut trees. Coconut Palms and Sunlight