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I seriously am like this every time I hear someone say "selection" even though they don't say "The Selection". I can't hide it!!!

Yea like I can actrully do that I just start having my mini meltdown and I get a few weird stares

Kpop would you rather - ohhhh the choices!!! Mwuahahaha I'm evil! Comment your answer below and no you can't choose both!

I love VIXX but going to the park with U-KISS sounds like heaven.

every time you hear kpop somewhere. minho's face is too accurate hahaha! xD

every time i hear kpop/korean somewhere. minho's face is too accurate hahaha!

Can't breathe... Jonghyun #humor #kpop #macro

Welcome & thank you so much for visiting! ^^ ---I'm not good with themes TT

#kpop #macro

Relationships in Super Junior will never be the same

This was halarious!

Go B.A.P -- That part was hilarious! // hmmmm a new bap reality show that I haven't watched, strange.