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I love science too ❤️ enough to major in it and get a medical degree

Lol i relate to most of them but if i had the access to play drums i would play them all the time

Banding is such a good hobby <---You don't understand though.Banding IS a hobby. I love how luke,Mikey and cal all said procrastinating/laying around 😂

and yet i chose them over one direction

Reason number 1678993827177283929181782829191938837447281292919929283838373737737373 that I love 5 Seconds Of Summer<<< XD "What song are we playing?

the 5sos dress code

These boys are too much. Since this band happened I realized it okay to wear black pants and band merch everyday

Mikey is tough with his pink hair lol

luke's lip ring and michael's pink hair and poor Calum hadrosaur there! But don't worry Ashton! My friend loves you sooo much! Sorry Grace but its true!

it was good knowing y'all but this is when I die


chrispavphoto: The lads from stop for a photo and to say G'Day yesterday on what was National Vegemite Day.

just another fan in the crowd<<< gonna go cry now...anybody who wants to join me sobbing is welcome

5SOS PH Team on

Im scared to meet you but at the same time, I crave you.