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I don't know why this is hot but it is...

Ashton you are such a talented and amazing person keep on being your wonderful self ! I love you ❤️

*・☪·̩͙ ·˖✶үσυ αяε мү gεт αωαү, үσυ αяε мү ғαvσяιтε ρℓαcε *・☪·̩͙·˖✶

"Don't look kids" ashs butt appreciation post :-) oh my gosh lol i love ash -- basically i just love cuz they are so real and funny lol

"I can be any guy you want" feels.

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this boy right here is possibly the biggest idiot that could ever walk this Earth but, I love him Ashton Fletcher Irwin is possibly the most adorable thing ever, i can't help but smile at everything he does, because he's so cute

I'm laughing way to hard at this xdd

fashion + ashton = either, fashfon or complete death of me << red tie, black shirt, is anyone else thinking of billie joe?

Ash had taken you to the beach for your first date. He said up a cute picnic with candles and everything. The boys heard all about it and laughed, teasing him about his being a romantic. "Candles? Really, Ash," Michael teased. "Shut up, it was amazing," ash blushed. "Ooohh," they said at the same time. "Stop," ash laughed. They made fun of it all day.

why must you be so dang cute? >>>> cos he's ashton dear, his existence is cute