"Calum... I don't know if I can do this.." You say grabbing on to his arm. He kisses your head "I'll be right next to you and I'll hold your hand." He smiles, you look at him not so sure "It'll be fine. I promise.." He hugs you tightly "Ookkaaayy...." You say getting onto the ride. The bars go down and the roller coster starts "OH MY GOD!!" Calum yells, "WOOOOOOHH!!!!" You yell back smiling. "THIS WAS NOT A GOOD IDEA!!" He screams like a little girl and you laugh. The roller coster is over…

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His smile

His smile

Read "Ashton Irwin: Cute/Dirty Imagine" #fanfiction

Ashton Irwin: Cute/Dirty Imagine - Ashton Irwin: Cute/Dirty Imagine

Read story Ashton Irwin: Cute/Dirty Imagine by foetusnarry with reads.Lying in bed, screeching you hear your phone buzzing, its ashton you told him to r.