A libra's confession

No angry walk aways, but I will start to mumble when I'm not sure that I want to say or ask something

There's that gullible nature I knew needed to be addressed

Love is thing only attained between two souls and or between a soul its Creator. everywhere else will just leave a lot of broken clocks and half-built homes. But its so easy to dream, its harder to drive.

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As a Libra, you might have so many brilliant ideas, but it will take you forever to execute them. You procrastinate like crazy. I'm a professional procrastinator:)

oh so true says she who is unwell due to doing too much!!!

Libras get sick largely because they suppress their inner most desires to please everyone else's. This frustration leads to illness.

I'm not into astrology but this is pretty accurate

Almost all true except the loudmouth.actually I don't like loudmouths even tho I am one.