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Statue, 1a Seven Series | © Miles Gertler 2013

Miles Gertler, Seven, Statue, digital collage on cotton paper, x in. (c) Courtesy Corkin Gallery

Folger Residence Redux - Wolf Architecture

Painted Bricks, Design Awards, The Glass, Slot, The House, Arch, North Carolina, Competition, Pools

Fala Atelier_3

The clients acquired an old clothing store in the suburbs from Oporto. The brief requested the space to be transformed into a new agency for their real estat.

....where is this?

Manuel González, Gynasium ‘Gustavo Diaz Ordaz” Palace of Sports, Sports City, Mexico City 1968

Miles Gertler, Superlith, Leisure, 2015, digital collage on cotton paper, 21.5 x 21.5 in. (c) Courtesy Corkin Gallery

Miles Gertler, Superlith, Leisure, digital collage on cotton paper, x in. (c) Courtesy Corkin Gallery

'Flowing City Map' is the latest project by Chaotic Atmosphere, a.k.a. Istvan, a Swiss illustrator. The series was created for a Venice-based exhibition on the theme of the identity of cities and their dwellers. City maps were put through the program World Machine to achieve a unique erosion flow effect. The results look like they're aerial views of a post-apocalyptic world being washed away. Among the cities featured are Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, New York, Paris, Cairo, Beijing, and Venice…

Apocalyptic aerial maps of cities devastated by flooding