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Hipster literature flow chart  LOL I am a partial hipster I guess because I only made it a hundred pages or so into Infinite Jest...

Hipster literature flow chart

What should I read next? A hipster lit flow chart from Good Reads. Can we make our own flowcharts?

31 apps that make news reading better

31 apps that make news reading better

News readers can support learning by better selection of information. They can help to personalize news feed delivering trully personalize messages. Check 31 apps that make news reading better from that perspective.

What a great Infographic. Why is there a culture of cheating and what can we do to prevent it? Per the depiction, 82% of kids who cheat become adults who cheat. 1 in 3 kids cheat. The statistics are alarming. Digital technology has blurred the lines of cheating; it's so easy to access information and make it your own. Some kids seem to think that if you get it from the Internet, it's not cheating. Cheating seems to be the ordinary thing to do (7458).

Cheating In School: How The Digital Age Affects Cheating And Plagiarism [Infographic]

Extremely important to educate our students so they know the what, how, and who of cyberbullying. Presenting actual findings will be a good eye opener for students, definitely a must discuss in a technology friendly school. Provides additional websites to visit at the bottom of the image.

7 surprising facts about cyberbullying [Infographic]

The Importance Of Creativity In Public Schools - Edudemic

The Importance Of Creativity In Public Schools - Edudemic. good for advocacy paper and even for first day of school. Reminding students why all aspects of school and education are important, especially the arts.

Digital Research Infographic about pros and cons of student internet searches.

Digital Research Infographic - I like this - it may well inspire the rewriting of my research skills unit plan for next year

Professors & Social Media - Best Colleges Online

Professors & Social Media - Best Colleges Online

"The Learning Cycle of a 21st Century Student" - An inside look at the habits of the modern student

The Learner's Life Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Education category. Check out The Learner's Life now!

Teachers are Heroes Infographic!

Teachers are Heroes - Its True!

"Teachers are Heroes" Infographic from USC - University of Southern California in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week.