part 4. Real lonliness...Charles Bukowski

Charles Bukowski (how I feel here most of the time because nobody gets me and I just don't fit in,oh and the whole reason I came is off in other countries all the e ffing time, lame)

Bukowski, from: Ham on Rye

I knew i was strong and maybe like they said 'Crazy'. But i had this feeling inside of me, that something real was there.

Bukowski quote that fits

She had wild eyes, slightly insane. She also carried an overload of compassion that was real enough and which obviously cost her something. - Bukowski/ ENLARGE AND FRAME IT!

Bukowski, Charles., ‘No Help for That’, in _You Get so Alone at Times That It Just Makes Sense_ (Santa Rosa: Black Sparrow Press, 1986), p. 26

--there is a place in the heart that will never be filled-- Charles Bukowski, "no help for that"