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snail painting - camping week?  http://www.filthwizardry.com/2008/05/snail-painting.html

This creepy-crawly craft is explained at Filthy Wizardry. The kids dipped the snails from our back yard in the food colouring and put them down on the paper. After the initial shock the snails began to move about the paper and create art for us.

This isn't even his final form....

Never not re pin. Hilarious what happens to Canadian on Canada day humor funny picture. I'm dying.

This had to be an Amazon order. Probably took three weeks to get there, too, despite "Prime" status.

Made me laugh : ) Favorite headline of 2013 // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

Roman Ondak’s Measuring the Universe - anotar la medida de todos los colaboradores

measuring the universe.- Starting as an empty white room, Roman Ondak’s Measuring the Universe at Tate St Ives has grown through the contribution of around participants to a constellation of black marks

Pardon the French, but this is just too wonderful not to repin :) Just look at both photos

The custard machine…

People think they can make us rebel against fast food places saying stuff like "the chicken nuggets are made out of blended chicks, beak and all." FAST FOOD MEAT IS COMPLETELY FINE Y'ALL.

So... A tiny dinosaur who is pretending to be a turtle by wearing an acorn cap as a shell? Is that what this is? Whatever it is, I am in love.

Sheldon, the teeny tiny dinosaur who is pretending to be a turtle by wearing an acorn cap as a shell. Sheldon is adorable


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Tumblr Stuff #22

Tumblr Stuff #22

I laughed so hard at numbers 1 and 4 for some reason.just realized those ones are both penis related jokes.I have a dirty mind----- The Australia one is very true and I just noticed it now.

make sure to weigh the body down so it doesn't float as it decomposes.<--(O.O) I thought Tumblr was the only psychopath website....

When I saw the picture, I immediately thought. Did the pin have anything to do with a shark. Two types of people.

The Most Awesome, Randomly-Made-Up New Year’s Tradition…

So at the end of the year when we finish our bucket list. THIS is how we celebrate the new year!) [The Most Awesome, Randomly-Made-Up New Year’s Tradition Ever - I WANT TO DO THIS.