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Sander Mulder Clear Acrylic Lamps

A good light can make a room, and a great light can make a home. The Sander Mulder Clear Acrylic Lamps are clearly the latter, no pun intended. These cle

Blk Walnut Spotty Lamp S - Rd Cord by Obe & Co Design | MONOQI

Made of FSC-certified black walnut by master English craftsmen, Obe & Co Design’s Spotty is the only lamp on the market that can also be suspended as a pendant, placed on its side as a spotlight or upended and used as an uplighter.

Random linears from ceiling down wall

Pedro Campos Costa — Lisbon Aquarium The Lighting and building facade both share a module: they admit or make light, and they block light or are dark. Porous things made from bits

Brilliant Tartan

Fascickle Lamp - Fumiya Ino / This light adapts aesthetics fitting both Japanese and Western European senses of style.

Vasarely Wall Light - modern - wall sconces - Interior Deluxe

Shop Interior-Deluxe for Wall Sconces and the best-curated selection of contemporary lighting.

FOC 1597 Sunflower Pendant Lighting Pendant Lighting

FOC 1597 Sunflower Pendant Lighting

FOC 1597 is inspired by sunflower seed patterns and created using selective laser sintering technology. Currently in the sale at Akadoo at

Tuma Pendant Light

The Tuma pendant light gives a natural flow and reflection of light through the wooden layers of the pendant. The pendants free form layers create a