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Barajou no kiss

Barajou no Kiss.~ The Yellow/Gold Rose Knight Haruto, Rose Princess Anis and the Blue Rose Knight Seiran.

So True!!

Ah, how much i've learned from the people who never existed. Thats not true. They do exist, in every otaku's heart.

I used to do that and I am ashamed<<*drags you by your hair* I'm just going to teach you some vocabulary...


MY SISTER HAS NEVER EVEN SEEN THE SHOW AND SHE FIGURED IT OUT: by sitting like that, less blood goes into his legs, and it reserves blood for his brain, so he can think better!! I feel so stupid...<<< wow I didn't know that....

If that's true maybe I should start sitting like that! *sits like L in chair*

anime fairy tail funny | fairytail anime otaku teacher

Never had an otaku teacher yet, but I would love them to death. Especially if they were the history teacher, they'd understand my "random" outbursts of laughter!

God damn you ash

Dammit ash how could you<<<<is the one about Yukine true? It was expected but I almost stared crying lol why do all the cinnamon rolls get bad treatment

Some girl at my at camp said That she doesn't like "Japanese stuff" I smiled and said ADD HER NAME TO MY NOTEBOOK (death note)

Funny Work Quotes : Killua Anime Funny meme It's me when I was in high school. Not pretty much

What would you wish for?

Noragami ~~ Basically, he works for the rough equivalent of an American nickel. :: [ Noragami Motivational by RedSanguine ]

*inserte grito interno de fangirl aqui* como que casados?!?!

Ouran High School Host Club <--- Do you ship Tamaki and Haruhi or Hikaru and Haruhi