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I actually found this really funny because of the whole awkward hug scene in the last movie<<<<< I just realized how much malfoy looks like the kid from home alone when he makes this face<<<<lol

Brunette. Go To Sleep. You're Done For Today.

The Voice. I like the Harry potter vibe. I can work with Harry Potter. He looks a little like Justin Bieber. Let's go back to Harry potter.


i probably shouldn't have laughed so hard about lucius' face there- but dear god- it won't stop.

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PHOTO: From left, Josh Herdman portrays Gregory Goyle, Tom Felton portrays Draco Malfoy and Louis Cordice portrays Blaise Zabini in a scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part

God I love Karen, if I had a super rich husband I would Probably be more like her :p

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Funny pictures about Wand fight in the bathroom. Oh, and cool pics about Wand fight in the bathroom. Also, Wand fight in the bathroom photos.

You will only think this is funny if you've read the harry potter books and actually know what a boggart is.

Ron and Hermione Period Meme. Too funny! (I didn't click the link because of the caption, but this one though, not really inappropriate, just hilarious)<< lol it's so true tho

I still can't stop laughing at this!!!!

Funny pictures about Emma Watson vs Kristen Stewart. Oh, and cool pics about Emma Watson vs Kristen Stewart. Also, Emma Watson vs Kristen Stewart photos.