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A chōzuya or temizuya (手水舎) is a Shinto water ablution pavilion for a ceremonial purification rite known as temizu. Water-filled basins, called chōzubachi, are used by worshipers for washing their left hands, right hands, mouth and finally the handle of the water ladle to purify themselves before approaching the main Shinto shrine or shaden (社殿).

Wash place/basin , for hand washing before entering the jinja, Shinto shrine - Japan

Kyoto, Japanphoto via april

The trees are PINK! 30 Amazing Places on Earth You Need To Visit Part 2 - Cherry Blossom Lake, Sakura, Japan

6 things every ambitious twentysomething should do (CHAPTER FRIDAY)

6 things every ambitious twentysomething should do (CHAPTER FRIDAY)

Dream on Dreamer. Great for a sign, photo on the wall or pretty much anything else.

Hermosa Geisha

In full costume, the geisha must perform her duties regardless. After all, she is a thing of beauty who does not speak nor answer back.

Houten paneel: Tempel plafond uit Thailand van PTMD. http://www.ptmd.nl/wanddecoratie

Carved Thailand wood panel, Could be reproduced via printing