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Hello, I am Zip, an otter fur. I am pretty sensitive about the whole "furs going wild" thing.

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Thomas Ravenscroft, 40 year old witch Sociology teacher. Married to Dmitri. Suffers from PFSS (shown age

Raksasha Digital Illustration #digitalart #digitalillustration #vectorgraphics #creativeartwork #illustrationart

Vaeski Tiger Sword Magic Caster Blue Flame Fire Kyannet Jaeger Raksasha by Antonio José Manzanedo

暇な王様っていいですね。  描いてたらキリなくなったのでこの辺にします・・・

暇な王様っていいですね。 描いてたらキリなくなったのでこの辺にします・・・

"Silver Falls" by Christy Grandjean, love her work

Not a tiger per se but this Snow Dancer by Christy "Goldenwolf" Grandjean is one of my favorite pieces by her.