loving the pop of color here! so chic, clean and classy!

Love the pop of color. Horchow Entryways - Style Estate - Who gets away w/having a HOT pink piece of furniture, that is acutally married? - so cute though.

Grandes ventanales

If I have to get married inside- there will be arched high windows, dramatic curtains + antique chandelier.

Aside from soaring ceilings and gigantic windows, there is no better friend to a small space than a well-placed mirror. Expanding walls, amplifying light, breaking up visual clutter, mirrors can be used to solve most any design dilemma. Perhaps thats why we feature their awesomeness so often.

Tricks of the Trade: 5 Smart Ways To Use Mirrors In Small Spaces

I love the idea of hanging a large mirror in the entry way to reflect light. Update: There is no formal entry way in this house, but I will be placing our mirror on the left wall of the cozy room which will bounce a lot of light into the entryway.

Консольный столик - не совсем привычный для наших квартир предмет мебели. Для многих это понятие ассоциируется с интерьерами дворцов и великосветских салонов прошлых веков. Насколько это верно, давайте выясним.

Charles Faudree - gold leaf sconces, crystal lamps, asian console and modern art. framed artwork flanked by sconces

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