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Lear Year is an illustration and painting series painted by artist Kirsten Sims. The almost childish drawing style makes her art unique and stand out.

Kirsten Sims

Kirsten Sims' Energetic Paintings Represent the Yin and Yang of Life

Kirsten Sims captures an incredible energy in her paintings that recall the spontaneity of sketches—the indoor and outdoor scenes are life's yin and yang.


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Just in case your day was unravelling a bit joylessly, here's some funny, whimsical artwork to give it a little boost of happiness, like the dash of Ribena in your glass of water, or the spoonful of jam in your porridge. Kirsten Sims is an artist, designer and illustrator from Stellenbosch, South Africa, whose funny images are more or less guaranteed to brighten your day.

Art: Kirsten Sims' charming little worlds are bound to improve a grizzly morning