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Gay Ellis and Joan Harrington, UFO That's Rose's hair color

Space Girl, Retro-Futuristic, UFO, Lt. Gay Ellis

George Sewell as Colonel Alec Freeman, and Gabrielle Drake as Moonbase Operator Lieutenant Gay Ellis in Gerry Anderson's 1970 science fiction series 'UFO'

Skydiver crew from UFO TV series - Gerry Anderson. From left to right: Gordon Maxwell, Silvia Howell and Captain Lew Waterman!

Gabrielle Drake

Gabrielle Drake in “U.” Gabrielle Drake (born 30 March is the British actress who is memorable to all science fiction fans as Lt.

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The Complete UFO Megaset: Michael Billington, Ed Bishop, George Sewell. SHADO defends Earth against aliens in all 26 episodes of the live-action series created by sci-fi geek Gerry Anderson.

FANTASCIENTIFICAMENTE VINTAGE - "The Women of S.H.A.D.O" UFO TV Series (1969-70) ...

FANTASCIENTIFICAMENTE VINTAGE - "The Women of S.H.A.D.O" UFO TV Series (1969-70) ...


Ellis training new Moonbase operative on radar id fundamentals.


Futuristic outfits on the Moonbase set of UFO, a sci-fi series made by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s Century 21 productions company.


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