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Hobbits by ~MadLibbs on deviantART

My take is that it's (left to right) Merry, Pippin, Sam and Frodo :D Bit difficult to say with Merry and Pippin. Lovely art, though ^^

Fathers of the Dwarves by steamey on DeviantArt. It looks like Aule is going, "Boom, look at these dwarves, dope as F*ck!"

Aule creates Fathers of the Dwarves (Durin, etc.) by steamey on DeviantArt - really enjoyed this part in The Silmarillion

yourlaranikaisakova:    Death of Thingol by steamey

Thingol thought to place the Silmaril into the Necklace, and hired the Dwarves of Nogrod to do so. The Dwarven craftsmen also coveted the jewel and seei. Death of Thingol