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#DADABOX #milkmagazine  TATOO ZOO Source : http://abridgetonowhere.tumblr.com/post/89037294326/brian-vu-trying-too-hard

Box septembre 2014

Black and white go together really well, the black hand prints are creepy yet cool.

Erik Bjerkesjo Falling.

fashion designer collection - Erik Bjerkesjo - directed by Magnus Liljebergh - echoing 'Men in Cities' - 1979 work by Robert Longo

.+*Magic Circle *+. — timlahan: "Squiggerettes"

This is hilarious. Can you image what the birthday cake would look like? Tim Lahan - "Squiggerettes" - I like these, they're pretty cute, which is a weird word for describing cigarettes, but they kinda are


I wish I could take just one day and stay in bed.sleep some more.JUST SLEEP!


art… dibuix a tinta sobre paper… growhousegrow: Pattern! “Ninety One Good Chinese Girls, ink on paper riff off an interesting (and strangely unsettling) photo i saw of a swarm of singing, uniform, asian girls.

An entry from The Sweet Simple Life

An entry from The Sweet Simple Life

Marie-Rime Mysterious Armours & Masks

polka dot

I like the idea of having one of these hands tattooed somewhere. Just as a small, singular tattoo.