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I want to fly....maybe one day it will happen to me.

Give up everything that weighs you down. Anger weighs me down. I'm practicing forgiveness.


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Be quiet. Do you work with mastery. Like the moon, come out from behind the clouds. This is a great quote from Buddha about the the need to meditate. Meditation is s.


Often you are in a rush in life. The rush to enjoy robs the joy from life and only denies the freedom of here and now. Often you do not even know why you are in a hurry. It almost becomes a biological phenomenon to be in a rush. Wake up and become aware o

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Heal your mind, body and soul with a powerful meditation for deep emotional healing.

The benefits we gain from those fleeting moments of "mindfulness" are pretty astounding - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually ... we get better and better!

For the Mindful Art Therapists out there.a mindfulness benefits infographic Meditation is something I strongly believe in and practice in my free time.


An entry from Be.

"We are the sum of all that we have thought. We are constructed by our thoughts. We are made up of our thoughts." - From Verse The Dhammapada.

10 Interesting Facts About Buddha from our friends at Sivana Spirit.

10 Interesting Facts About Buddha (Infographic)