lista nascita

Quando fare la lista nascita? Prima, dopo, o durante?


Funny pictures about Generation portrait. Oh, and cool pics about Generation portrait. Also, Generation portrait.

cute idea for gender reveal. the wrong balloon has a hole and wont blow up.

Photo booth announcement or gender reveal party.have the doc poke a hole in the balloon that is not the color and later u and your hubby can record the reaction as you try the balloon you think it is!

Great Birthday, Fathers/Mothers Day gift for Dad or Mom!!!! #LoveIt                                                                                                                                                     More

Día del Padre: Te ❤️ Papá!

Create a unique and personalised gift using photography and giant lettering! Dads birthday next year! Or Father's Day! And mom too!


Could be a cute idea for an engagement announcement or a save-the-date. Instead of the peace fingers, maybe a picture of save the date info

Save the date idea

101 Tips and Ideas for Couples Photography

Framed seperately on wall. This but with wedding dress and tux or as engagement photo/save the date!