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German Medieval Armies, - 2 German knights and an infrantryman, Osprey Publishing

saracen warriors 2 by byzantinum on deviantART

illustration of four muslim warriors form the early middle ages saracen warriors 2

M. Sryszko - Caballero prusiano c 1520.

German knights in Gothic style armour of the Holy Roman Empire during the Baltic Crusade.

Medieval Scandinavian Armies - Last Stand of the Gotland Militia; Visby, 29 July 1361 Osprey Publishing

Medieval Scandinavian Armies - Last Stand of the Gotland Militia; Visby (on Gotland, Sweden), 29 July 1361 Osprey Publishing

Irish Galloglass, 14th c.

Angus McBride - Galloglass were Scottish Highland mercenary warriors who fought predominately in Ireland. Some did eventually settle there, where many a Scottish surname can still be found today.

1453 Caída de Constantinopla. La última resistencia de los genoveses

Ilustraciones de historia antigua y medieval

Grupo de almogávares: ballestero, arquero y hondero. Más en www.elgrancapitan.org/foro

Brabáncon (Brabanter) Mercenaries - From Brabant, at the time a region located in the northwestern part of present-day Belgium and adjacent parts of France and the Netherlands. It was small, and limited to the land between the Dender and Zenne Rivers.

1. Albrecht von Hohenlohe, c.1325 2. Otto von Orlamünde, c.1340 3. Infantryman mid - 14th century

Angus McBride: Guerreros alemanes del siglo XIV Albrecht von Hohenlohe, c 2 Otto von Orlamünde, c 1340 y 3 soldado de infantería)


Portuguese knight, Navarrese foot soldier mid century Aragonese knight, c.

New Varangian Guard - Constantinople

New Varangian Guard - Constantinople (personal bodyguards of the Byzantine Emperor)

• Cuman auxiliary, mid-14th C  • Günther von Schwarzburg, c. 1345  • Infantryman, mid-14th C

Gunther von Schwartzburg of the Holy Roman Empire with a Cuman Auxiliary mounted archer