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Shohei Otomo #art

Japanese artist Shohei Otomo (aka Hakuchi) shows us that his motherland has a rockin' pop culture like no other. Using simple ballpoint pen, he mixes old and new school images with his references to the Samurai, Geisha girls, and the Yakuza.


Ballpoint pen drawings by Japanese artist Shohei Hakuchi capture an interesting mash-up of Japanese and American pop culture images and mind-blowing detail.

Illustration by hakuchi

Hakuchi Manga Illustrations

The Shohei Otoma (Hakuchi) arts are real amazing. It is the mixture of Japanese traditional and modern arts, eg. like the Geisha wearing sunglasses.

he will cut you

Amazing illustrations from Shohei Otomo aka Hakuchi, japanese artist. In his illustrations, Otomo, adds the taste for the traditional japanese art with manga

The ballpoint illustration of Shohei Otomo

The Ballpoint Pen Illustrations of Shohei Otomo

Shohei Otomo — worx - Shohei Otomo is Japan artist, he, mainly, draws his artworks with a ball-point pen. Amazing artist with unique style.

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Fin DAC-Killer Instinct (Neon Pink) - Stencil, spray and axylic on 61 x 92 cm linen canvas

Anatomical Illustration

My heart. The illustrations and collages by Russian artist FFO, based in Moscow, who mixes American Pin-Ups, vintage anatomy boards and Art Nouveau into some beautiful, fascinating and surreal creations.


US-based hobbyist artist Kim Nguyen has been working on a collection of illustrations, called ‘Anthros‘, that depict animals with human personalities. Be sure to visit here and here to find more of her anthropomorphic animals.


Humorous cartoon illustration that takes two random ideas and throws them together successfully.

#Illustration by Marcelo Marchese ::: #Art #Drawing

Marcelo Marchese funny victorian style men on beach acrobat and strong man circus style pen and ink art illustration love a man with a moustache and a knitted stripey swim suit