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It's me, Chara. (Undertale Spoilers) by Zeon-in-a-tree on DeviantArt

I've been doodling a lot of Undertale fanart recently, and just wanted to post Chara's nightmare face. It's me, Chara.

UNDERTALE by MasterCheefs on DeviantArt

Undertale is such a cute, retro-y game! If you don't choose the genocide route.<Even without genocide route it can get pretty dark and gruesome.

Asriel Dreemurr by Bukoya-Star on DeviantArt

Undertale: Asriel Dreemurr by CNWgraphis on DeviantArt

Asriel and Chara by Rensaven on DeviantArt

Chasriel / Chariel / chara X asriel / asriel X chara / undertale

Undertale has Invaded My heart!

I had no idea how to do a completely Gold Background, so I just splashed some purples and pinks in there to help tone it down some. You gained Love, not LOVE (UT Spoilers )

Alphys and...

Farewell Undyne - Undertale Collab by WalkingMelonsAAA on DeviantArt <<< no soo sad :'(

Scoot by TheBombDiggity666 on DeviantArt

The last picture of Sans is what we call the "Picture of a lil' crap who knew exactly what he did" face. //but it's true he didn't leave the box.

Frisk and Sans - comic

Sans No by BamSaraKilledYou on DeviantArt (I would defenitely be Frisk in this situation.) Why the heck would you do that Sans