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Undertale by 딩동 (@_PICXI) | Twitter

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Undertale by 딩동 (@_PICXI) | Twitter

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Read I love you from the story Comics by -Quiin- with 434 reads. No creo que haya alguien tan pendejo como para no saber.

nicepants comic by dongoverlord>>> YES YES YES SO MUCH YES!!!

Undertale - Nice Cream Guy x Burgerpants - NicePants - comic by dongoverlord

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Asriel punches Frisk in the mouth

Why there's so little about Frisk x Asriel ? I know that Asriel is not remotly interesting as Sans. But seems more canon than Frans to me. ( And i think that Sans x Frisk is just another manifestation of the obsession of the fandom for him)

Ảnh Gif hoặc ảnh thường về các AUs Sans, Frisk,... #fanfiction # Fanfiction # amreading # books # wattpad

AUs Sans Photo Collection

Undertale by kuzukago on DeviantArt I REGRET NOTHIIIIIIIIING!!!

Even if nothing changes When he woke up, if someone is staying next to it will be very happy.。oO(I think I Inhabits something in that sheet.

San x Frisk by tctctipfy on DeviantArt

Yeah I put almot more work into this one took me like 3 hours I wanted to make it look pretty and stuff,this is like the first undertale comic thing I made in my drawing book it's not that good but.