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didn't think I'd ever need this -- and I'll bet guys need it, too

Yep, very simple .To make a woman happy give her three things: Attention, affection and appreciation.


He's my person && my soul mate! Love that we fell in love on accident.our story is absolutely great (Relationship Quotes)

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"Loving you is complicated. Not loving you is impossible. But if my feelings burden you, I'm sorry." - You do not burden me. Please don't let me burden you though.

I hope i have shown you how much I love you by waiting??

Im waiting and I am not scared to say I love period. I had only bee waiting on the coversation with dad.

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I love you. Even the imperfect you. Especially the imperfect you. I want you and your flaws because although it frustrates me it frustrates me because I love you.

It's hard when you live thousands of miles away.i feel guilty finding comfort in another guy but then u think of you.scars on your noggin and all.